On behalf of CNN Cattle Company, we sincerely welcome you and thank you for your interest in our program. Our goal is to produce top quality purebred and percentage Simmental cattle that meet and exceed the demands of all facets of the cattle industry, whether it is in the showring, feedlot, or pasture. Our motto is “Functional Cattle with Style,” and we strive to fulfill that motto with everything that we produce. CNN Cattle Company was formed when we started a new family through the marriage of Carrie Erger to Nate Horman.

Carrie grew up on a diversified grain and livestock farm, known better as Ol’ Mc Donald’s Farm! She spent the majority of her time working with the Simmental heifers that she showed nationwide with a great deal of success. Many of these cow families still play an important role in our breeding program today. Following her junior show career she has assisted many progressive breeders gaining a great deal of knowledge and making many fantastic life long connections. She has also stayed connected to the junior program through many volunteer efforts with the Iowa Junior Simmental Association. Currently she is attending Iowa State University pursuing a degree in Agricultural Communications.

Nate was also raised on a diversified grain and livestock farm where the main emphasis was in the beef, swine, and sheep industries. He spent the majority of his time working in the show steer sector of the industry. Following high school, he attended Iowa State University majoring in Animal Science. Upon graduation, he started his career with the USDA at the National Animal Disease Center where he is still employed managing the Gnotobiotic Unit and also serves as the anesthesiologist for large animal surgery. Shortly before starting our relationship, Nate began to have a change of heart and started to convert his club calf mamas into Simmental cows. Something that made Carrie extremely happy!
Where she pushed for another change and that was to use them as Simmental breeding pieces instead of clubby mamas!

With years of combined experience and a foundation based on family values we look forward to serving your needs in the future.

Nate & Carrie Horman